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About Hazlewood Home Staging

Hi, I'm Jo Hazlewood, founder, lead stager and CEO of Hazlewood Home Staging, based in Newport, South Wales, operating across the UK.  

When you consider the reasons people buy houses, it will either be a first home, upscaling, or downsizing a family.

Home is where the heart is, and therefore if we are leaving a home we have an emotional attachment to, we want to feel we can have the same in our new home.

When I separated, viewing empty properties, just didn't give me 'the feeling' I wanted, and understanding the importance of being able to visualise the space, as my future home, inspired me to want to help others, by creating cosy, comfortable spaces, so they can get 'the feeling' of home. 

It is therefore my passion to represent buyers, by creating and organising stylish, functional spaces, that provide the lifestyle vision; and sellers, by making your property stand out in the crowd, and helping you achieve maximum profit.

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